One thing is certain, Šibenik [ʃîbe̞niːk]) is the city less known to tourists (especially those from abroad) unlike the better-known destinations such as Dubrovnik, Trogir, Pula or Split … , although tourists are beginning to discover this pearl of Dalmatia. History tells us that the first written mention of Šibenik was found in King Krešimir’s papers dating from 1066 A.D. so Šibenik is the oldest Croatian town on the Adriatic coast.

What about historical sights? Sibenik’s cathedral – Cathedral of Sveti Jakov (built back to 1434, today listed by Unesco World Heritage), church of St. Krsevan (13th century), church of St. Francis 14th century), churches of St. Nicholas and St. Lawrence (15th century), . . . we must not forget 4 fortresses: St. Michael, St. Ivan (or Tanaglia – local Tanaja), Subicevac and St. Nicholas.
Also, it is good to know that the annual Šibenik International Children’s Festival takes place every summer ((last week in June and first week in July), the Summer Organ School (in the second half of August) and the Šibenik Summer.

Sibenik definitely has a lot to offer its visitors regardless of whether you’re a fan of historic sites, cultural events or you simply want to feel the spirit of the historic Mediterranean city.

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